NINJA Accelerator in Ho Chi Minh City - Participants

Thank you for your interest in NINJA Accelerator in Ho Chi Minh City. Please complete the Application form.

Your startup/team must consist of 2 to 5 Team Members to be eligible for the programme.

All startups and teams have to reside in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the entire programme period.

Submission of Required Documents
  • Each startup/team will have to submit an Application Deck in a word document (.DOC or .DOCX) on your team's solution, maximum 8 pages. Application Deck Guidelines:
    • Whose problems are you solving? (1 page)
    • What is the problem you are solving? (2 pages)
    • How serious is this problem to the owner of the problem? (1 page)
    • How are you going to solve the problem? (2 pages)
    • How is your approach better than others, if any? (1 page)
    • To solve this problem, what are the capabilities of your team? (1 page)

Team Member (Leader)